Difference between Bohemian and Hippie

These days bohemian and hippie fashion is all the rage among the youngest. This fashion is about combining different accessories and clothes, but both styles are very different. If you don’t know the difference between both styles well, you can make a bad combination and dress incorrectly.

bohemian fashion

Bohemian fashion is more of a kind of philosophy of life than a dress, but nowadays people wear this kind of dress to look different. Those who wear this style of clothing often mix vintage accessories or clothing with more modern ones to create a unique clothing style.

In this fashion, people usually wear loose, loose and light clothing. The good thing about bohemian fashion is that they dress by mixing vintage accessories with modern ones, thus creating new unusual styles with good visual appeal

hippie fashion

More than a fashion, it is actually a philosophy or way of life, but currently people who wear this type of clothing wear it purely for fashion. It is said that this fashion originated from the band the Beatles, although it is not very certain. People who make use of hippie fashion wear light, comfortable and very colorful clothes.

They also often use accessories such as flowers and very simple items that they even make. This fashion or, rather, way of life, is to express oneself through clothing, living in a way without prejudice or what matters to others, and wearing very simple and colorful clothes or accessories. In summary: bohemian fashion is a fashion where they mix vintage elements with modern ones, while hippie fashion is more of a way of life and they wear light and colorful clothes.

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