Difference between Black Pepper and White Pepper

Known as the queen of spices, pepper is certainly the most popular and one of the most used in cooking. This is due to the rich contributions that this spice makes to dishes of all kinds. There are some different types of pepper that are each characterized by having a different color and flavor. Two of the most popular are white pepper and black pepper. Both are the fruit of a vine called Piper Nigrum . So, if both types come from the same plant, what is the difference between the two and why do they have different colors?

It is worth mentioning that both types of pepper can be found both whole and ground. It is recommended to buy ground pepper if you intend to use it immediately. Otherwise, over time, it will lose its smell and taste. If you intend to use it little by little, it will be better to buy it whole and use a mill, to grind just what is going to be needed.

Comparison table

White pepper
Black pepper
Collection and process White pepper is left to ripen on the tree. Later it is harvested and left to dry in the sun. They are collected before they mature. Later they are boiled in natural water and left to dry completely in the sun. This process helps the spiciness of the black pepper increase and focus.
Characteristics and recommendation for use
  • Light in flavor, but hotter than black pepper; more than giving flavor, it enhances those that already exist.
  • Ideal for white meats and all kinds of sauces.
  • Stronger and more pungent flavor.
  • Ideal for meat and salads.

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