Difference between bison and buffalo

Main difference

The bison and buffalo are two of the most confusing animals present in the world that are considered the same or considered as one of the ancient times. In reality, buffalo are much more different in their habitat, living environment, physical form, and characters from a bison. People who live in South and North America have surely not seen buffalo in their lives, and the same goes for people who live in Africa and Asia who have not seen a bison. The bison is a huge herbivorous animal that is only found in North and South America and also in some parts of Europe. On the other hand, the buffalo is a large black grazing animal with large horns found in Africa and Asia. Buffaloes by their geographical area have different characteristics and are classified as Cape buffalo (found in Africa) and water buffalo (found in Asia). The bison belongs to the same species and family as the buffalo, but differs in genus. Bison is quite different because of its weight, physical characters, and shape, etc.

Comparative chart

Bison Buffalo
Weight Ranges from 700 to 2200 lbs. 2000 lbs. For Cape Buffalo and 2640 lbs. For Water Buffalo.
Colour Dark brown, brown, garnet Black, matte black
Life expectancy Between 13 and 21 years old. 15 to 25 years or Cabo and 25 to 30 years of Water.
Shape The bison has four legs with a large hump and a gigantic frame. They have four feet with a solid frame and the hump is absent.
Skin Long and thick coat. Very light coat.
Beard Bison has a thick beard around his neck. No beard is found in any buffalo.
Horns The bison has small horns on buffalo, but they are quite sharp. Their horns are long but not sharp compared to Bison’s.
Habitat It is found in plains, cold and rugged lands. Cape buffalo are found in rocky areas, while water buffalo cannot live in those areas.
Food Hay and grass Grass
Used for Clothing, weapons manufacturing, shelter, obtaining meat, etc. Water buffalo are used for milk, used for cattle, used for meat, etc. The Cape was hunted for entertainment, but its meat is not used to feed other animals and hunters, etc.
Found in North America, South America and part of Europe. Cape Buffaloes found in Africa. Water buffalos found in Asia.
Wild Yes Cape buffalo are wild, while water buffalo are often domesticated.
Domesticated Not Water buffalo are domesticated, while Cape buffalo are not.
Total population 2 millions 160,000 (Cabo) and 150 million of water.
Family Bovids Bovids
Gender Bison Syncerus (Cape Buffalo) Bubalus (Water Buffalo)
Class Mammalia Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla Artiodactyla
Edge Chordata Chordata
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
What is Bison?

The bison is a member of the same family as the buffalo (bovidae) and is found in North America, South America, and some parts of Europe. The largest population of bison is found in North and South America. People of South and North America generally do not see buffalo in their lives, as there are no buffalo other than Africa and Asia. So due to the misconception of antiquity, people regard bison as buffalo and generally regard them as buffalo, whereas even though bison belongs to the same family as buffalo, it is quite different from buffalo as far as to size, shape and weight. , habitat and various other characteristics. The bison is the grazing herbivorous animal found in the cold and rugged areas of the American continents. The bison is usually brown in color. It has thick fur all over its body that is light brown in color and can be seen even from a great distance. Bison have a thick beard around the neck that grows with age. The beard is maroon in color and is quite evident on the brown hairy body. All of these characters and color combinations are absent from buffalo. The bison has two short horns that are quite sharp by nature and are used for fighting and defense purposes. The bison has a large hump on the head and neck that is quite distinct. It is not like the hump that camels possess, but it is still apparent and gives a gigantic shape to the massive frame and body of the bison. The bison is wild in nature and is not domesticated or domesticated on a regular basis.

What is Buffalo?

Buffaloes are herbivorous grazing animals found in Africa and Asia. Buffalo by their geographical area are divided into two basic types, Cape buffalo are found in rugged and rocky areas of Africa and are wild in nature. On the other hand, water buffalo are found in Asia and they are domesticated and domesticated. Water buffalo are present in greater abundance in the world. Water buffalo are used for milk, as cattle, and for meat. Buffaloes are black in color and do not have a hump, unlike bison.

Against Buffalo Bison
  • The bison is a herbivorous grazing animal found in North and South America and
  • The buffalo is a herbivorous grazing animal found in Africa and Asia.
  • The bison has a beard, thick fur, and a large hump.
  • Buffaloes do not have a beard or hump; they have light fur.
  • The bison lives in cold and rugged lands.
  • Buffaloes are used for milk, cattle, and meat.
  • The bison is used for meat, shelter, clothing, and weapons.

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