Difference between Biotic Factors and Abiotic Factors

An ecosystem is a system made up of a group or community of living beings plus the place or physical environment in which they live (biotope). Within this unity, living beings are all interdependent. In one way or another, they are all part of a chain in which the slightest mismatch or imbalance can have great consequences. All the units that make up an ecosystem can be divided into biotic factors or abiotic factors. As their names indicate, the former refer to living beings and the latter to those that do not have life. Both biotic and abiotic factors play a very important role in shaping an ecosystem.

Comparison chart

Biotic factors
Abiotic Factors
Definition Biotic factors are all living organisms that are part of an ecosystem. On the other hand, abiotic factors are those that do not have life. Abiotic factors, like biotic factors, are considered elements of an ecosystem. 
Role Biotic factors influence the way an ecosystem develops. Although many may think that they weigh more than abiotic factors, the truth is that both have the same importance. Flora and fauna do not and cannot actively change factors such as temperature or the amount of water available. However, they can affect each other and thus help determine the makeup of an ecosystem. These play very important roles in the lives of biotic factors, since ultimately they are the determinants, for example, of the type of flora and fauna that inhabit a given place. Biotic factors must adapt to abiotic factors in order to survive. For example, the animals and plants that inhabit a desert have evolved and adapted to survive the conditions characteristic of this ecosystem.
examples Regarding biotic factors, flora and fauna, together with their interactions, are the only two representatives of these. On the other hand, some of the best examples of abiotic factors include water, sunlight, soil, moisture levels, pH, nutrients, and oxygen.

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