Difference between Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Biodiversity and ecosystem are two different but related concepts. Biodiversity defines the wide variety of living beings that inhabit an ecosystem, biodiversity includes ecosystems and variations within each species. The ecosystem is a biological system constituted by a community of organisms and the physical environment where they develop.


Biological diversity is also known as living beings in all their great variety that inhabit the Earth and the patterns that make it up that arise as a result of billions of years of return or by the evolution of human activities. It includes the great variety of ecosystems and the genetic differences within each species and that allow the combination of diverse forms of life.

It refers to the number of populations of different organisms and species. It also includes the diversity of long-lasting interactions between species and their environment or biotope, as well as the ecosystem in which the organisms live.

Three levels of biodiversity are distinguished:

  • Genetics or intraspecific diversity.
  • Specific or systematic diversity.
  • Ecosystemic.


Ecosystems are a biological system made up of communities of living organisms (biocenosis) and the physical environment in which they develop (biotope). It is the unit composed of interdependent organisms that share the same habitat. Ecosystems can be chained showing the interdependence of the organisms that exist within the system.

An ecosystem is a biological community that includes the place and the chemical and physical factors that constitute the abiotic environment. Biotic and abiotic factors are linked by food chains that represent the flow of energy and nutrients in ecosystems.

Differences between biodiversity and ecosystem

  • The ecosystem is a natural system that is formed by a set of living beings and the physical environment where they live and interact.
  • Biodiversity comprises living beings in all their variety that inhabit the Earth and their growth patterns as a result of evolution

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