Difference between Beef and Cattle

Cattle and cattle are synonymous terms used to refer to livestock made up of cows, bulls and their offspring. They are usually divided into beef and dairy cattle and this if they have certain differences.

Beef and cattle

This term applies to all cows, oxen and bulls without distinction of sex or age that were domesticated by humans for use and production. They are large ruminants with a robust body that reaches 150 cm in height and an average weight of 800 kg. They were domesticated 10,000 years ago in the Middle East. They were used for the production of milk and meat and for the preparation of the land as a draft animal, later, their horns, their excrement as fertilizer and their skin were used.

Depending on age and sex, they are given different names. A calf or calf is the calf of the cow until she stops suckling, at which time the female is known as a cow, and the male of childbearing age is known as a bull. In turn, an ox is a male that has been castrated, which gives it a more docile and manageable temperament. Cattle or cattle are divided into beef cattle and dairy cattle.

Differences Between Beef and Dairy Cattle

  • Beef cattle have a rectangular body with a larger body that allows them to store meat and fat. The rectangular shape of the body ensures greater efficiency when producing meat and storing it.
  • Dairy cattle have a triangular body, with few muscles and large udders. They are fed with all the necessary nutrients to ensure adequate milk production both in quality and quantity.

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