Difference between bee and wasp

Main difference

Bees and wasps belong to the similar order Hymenoptera and phylum Arthropoda. Bees are the famous type of small insects that are found in abundance throughout the world and are of various types. Honey Bee is the most common type of bee found in almost every part of the world. They are more commonly known as pollinators, as they are one of the best means of pollination. On the other hand, despite being of the same order and edge, wasps are larger flying insects that are better known for their aggressive nature, biting habits, and feeding on other insects.

Comparative chart

Bee Wasp
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Edge Arthropods Arthropods
Class Insect Insect
Order Hymenoptera Hymenoptera
Suborder Apocrized Apocrized
About Bees are the famous type of insects that belong to the phylum Arthropoda. They are famous for their pollination and production, that is, beeswax and honey. Wasps are not their own bees or ants, but they belong to the same edge and order as bees. Wasps are flying insects that are famous for their stinging ability and aggressive nature. They are even more famous predators.
Forms of feeding They feed on flowers and fruits. That is why they are called pollinators. They feed on other insects by trapping and killing them. They are famous predators.
Differentiation The best way to distinguish between bees and wasps is that they are naturally long and plump. As they support the pollination process, they are brightly colored and have hairs on their bodies. Wasps, on the other hand, do not have hairs on their bodies. They are long and fit. It has large and flexible legs. They also have bright colors to attract prey.
Famous traits Bees are famous for pollination. Wasps are famous for their ability to sting.
Lives in Bees prefer to live in hives. Bees live in wax hives or in honeycombs that they made. They live in the form of colonies. Wasps do not live in hives, except for some rare species. Most types of wasps prefer to live in small types of temporary nests.
Nature Social Most commonly solitary but varies from species to species.
Physical features Its body is usually covered with hairs that even follow along the legs. Wasps, unlike bees, do not have hair on their bodies or legs; they are smooth and slippery by nature.
Legs shape Wide and flat Round and waxy
Body shape The abdomen and thorax are round in shape. Both the thorax and the abdomen are cylindrical in shape.
Behaviour Bees are aggressive by nature and have aggressive behavior, but that is quite minor compared to wasps. Honey bees die most of the time when they sting someone. Wasps are famous for their aggressiveness and sharp, nervous demeanor. They are much more aggressive than bees and other arthropod insects. Unlike bees, they have the ability to sting multiple targets at the same time.
Big difference Bees are probably known for their pollination ability and some specific types of honey production, etc. Wasps are considered more as dangerous predators and hunters. They have the ability to sting multiple targets at the same time.
What is Bee?

The bee are the flying insects that belong to the phylum Arthropoda and to the order Hymenoptera. Bees are present in almost every part of the world. They are one of the most common types of insects on earth. Depending on their various species, bees are of various types including famous types such as the honey bee, the wax bee, etc. Bees are famous for their production skills, as some produce wax, some honey, etc. Bees are naturally less aggressive compared to wasps. They are famous pollinators; They feed on flower and fruit nectar. They have a hairy body and hairy legs, which help pollen adhere to their body, thus helping in the pollination process.

What is Wasp?

Wasps are famous large flying insects that possess large wings with flexible legs. They have a soft and sticky body unlike bees. Wasps do not participate in any pollination or production. Wasps are well known for their stinging abilities and aggressive nature. They are one of the most aggressive insects found on earth. Wasps are brightly colored and have an elongated, cylindrical body. Wasps can sting multiple targets at the same time. They hunt and kill small insects and feed on them. They are famous arthropod predators.

Bee vs Wasp

  • The bee is a flying insect that is famous for its production and pollination.
  • The wasp is a flying insect famous for its hunting and aggressive nature.
  • The body and legs of the bee are covered with hairs that aid in pollination.
  • Wasps have smooth, sticky legs and bodies without hairs.
  • Bees usually feed on flower and fruit nectars.
  • Wasps hunt, kill small insects, and feed on them.

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