What is the difference between bee and wasp

Bees are insects called anthophiles, in the same way as ants, they evolved from wasps. Bees have a very hairy body charged with electrostatics in order to make the pollen adhere to their body. Wasps are insects of the order Hymenoptera and in its broadest definition, are all those insects that are not classified as ants or bees.


They are the insects that persevere to the clade of the anthophylls of the order hymenoptera. It is said that there are 20,000 known species, in the same way that ants evolved from wasps. It is believed that the ancestors of bees fed on other insects and when consuming them they also took the pollen that enveloped them.

This led to a gradual change in his diet. The most popular species is the domestic bee. This is a social insect that lives in swarms developed by three types of individuals: queen bees, workers and drones. But, a large part of the species of bees are solitary and others are semi-social, so they tend to compose colonies that are not as large or long-lasting as those of the domestic bee.

The body of the bees is covered with very plumose and branched hairs. The females have special organs called scopas on their hind legs or on their belly to carry pollen.


It is a term that is given to different insects of the order Hymenoptera that are not classified as ants or bees. According to the RAE, a wasp is a hymenopteran insect with a size between 1 and 1.5 centimeters, yellow with black bands, armed with a poisonous stinger and that lives in societies. This definition relates only to the external characteristics of the insect and its social behavior.

In taxonomy, wasps are related to insects that are part of the Vespidae family. In most species, wasps are solitary. The females live and reproduce individually. Several are parasitic and others are taken as beneficial because they control pests.

Differences between wasps and bees

  • Wasps are black or dark brown and yellow. Several may be completely black.
  • The bees are dark brown and golden.
  • Wasps have a waist that separates the thorax from the abdomen.
  • In bees, the separation between the thorax and abdomen is not too noticeable.
  • The bee has keratin hairs.
  • Wasps do not have hairs.
  • The bee stinger can only sting once. When the bee stings, the abdomen is torn to pieces and it dies.
  • The wasp stinger is smooth and can sting repeatedly, since it does not tear when used.
  • Wasps are usually more insectivorous.
  • Bees consume the nectar of flowers and some species eat carrion.
  • Only the queen bee can lay eggs.
  • In the case of solitary wasps, all females are fertile.
  • Bee larvae consume nectar.
  • Wasp larvae are carnivorous. Several consume the flesh of the insect where their mother injected the eggs.
  • Wasp venom is elemental.
  • Bee venom is acidic.

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