Difference between bed bug bite and mosquito bite

Main difference

The main difference between bed bug bites and mosquito bites is that bed bugs have a habit of biting in a regular or zigzag line and mosquito bites always have irregular patterns.

Bed Bug Bites vs. Mosquito Bites

Chin bites appear as small groups or in zigzag rows, while mosquitoes bite randomly without following any regular pattern. Bed bugs are flat-oval crawling insects, while mosquitoes are finely segmented, winged insects. Their bites usually leave a mark after a few minutes to a few days, and mosquito bites appear the instant a mosquito bites the skin and flies away.

Bed bug bites are treated with medications like corticosteroids and antihistamines, while mosquito bites mostly heal over time. If a person lives in a hot climate and their skin itches, it may be a mosquito bite, and if a person has itchy blisters on their skin and sees bed bug eggs and feces in the corners of their bed, it’s a bed bug bite.

Mainly two species of bed bugs are responsible for bed bug bites, while there are a total of 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world that cause mosquito bites. Bedbug bites are made by crawling on fresh skin under clothing, but mosquito bites are never made through clothing. Bed bug bites are bites that look like flat welts and bleed from the central spot along with intense itching for several days, while mosquito bites are itchy and look like oddly shaped white welts with red borders that resolve in a short period.

The legs, arms, and shoulders are the most common sites for bed bug bites; while a mosquito bites anywhere the skin is exposed. Bed bugs don’t fly because they don’t have wings, while a mosquito is like a fly. Bed bugs do not usually cause disease, but if there are many bed bug bites on the skin, they can cause two serious skin conditions such as hives and a red, erythematous rash. On the contrary, mosquito bites can cause many fatal diseases and infections such as malaria, dengue and various types of viruses.

Numerous bed bug bites also cause systemic poisoning, while numerous mosquito bites can cause systemic allergic reactions that are fatal. Bedbugs are repelled by scents from essential oils and heat, and mosquitoes are repelled by chemical repellants that are pesticides. Bed bug bites are primarily caused by both male and female bed bugs, with females only causing mosquito bites.

Bed bugs survive a year without eating, while mosquitoes die in three weeks. Bed bugs are found in household items such as furniture, beds, luggage, and even clothing. They are also common in wild animals and in the air. On the other hand, mosquitoes live in standing water inside or outside the house. If there are a lot of bed bugs in a house, they may have a strong, musty, pungent odor. And if there is a group of mosquitoes in the house, they are attracted to the lights.

Comparison chart

bed bug bites Mosquito bite
Flat-shaped welts filled with smeared blood in the center. Oddly shaped hives that have reddish or pink edges.
In zigzag, or in a regular group like fashion. Irregularly, randomly and isolated.
It lasts several weeks. It lasts several days.
A male and female bed bug crawling. The only female mosquito that flies.
Regardless of the weather. Especially in a hot climate.
Itching, a few hours or days after the bite. Instant itching the moment a mosquito bites.
It is usually found in furniture, shoes, clothes, beds, etc. It is usually found in standing water, in the air, flying over lights.

What is a bedbug bite?

A bed bug bite is a bite caused by an insect, namely the bed bug. It has no wings and cannot jump, it only crawls. A bedbug is of both sexes. Bed bugs are commonly found in beds, shoes, closets, clothing, mattresses, and furniture. This type of insect bite causes flat, swollen bumps on the skin, aligned vertically, horizontally, or in a zigzag pattern. And the most central point in such bed bug bites contains the dried blood of the host.

Normally, when a bed bug bites the skin, a person may begin to feel intense itching after a few minutes or hours. A bedbug bite can cause systemic poisoning in its victim. This sting sometimes causes no reaction in its host, but when it does, it often leads to red rashes and hives, which are curable but not fatal. Such bites require treatment including antihistamines and corticosteroids.

What is a mosquito bite?

A female mosquito is responsible for biting a warm-blooded animal or human. It is because she needs protein and iron from the blood to lay eggs. These mosquitoes inhabit calm waters. Mosquito bites look like small bumps or pimples with irregular patterns that range from white to pink. These bites become very itchy as soon as the mosquito bites the host’s skin and flies away.

Mosquito bites are carriers of life-threatening infectious and viral diseases. Most of these stings do not require any treatment, but they can resolve faster in a few days by reducing the intensity each day.

Key differences

  1. Both sexes of bed bugs cause bed bug bites, and only female mosquitoes cause mosquito bites.
  2. Bed bug bites should always be treated with medications of choice such as antihistamines and corticosteroids, and mosquito bites resolve on their own.
  3. Bed bug bites are found in zigzag patterns and mosquito bites are isolated randomly in the pattern.
  4. Bed bug bites can occur in any climate, and mosquito bites are common in hot climates.
  5. Bed bug bites take a while to itch and show reactions to their host, and mosquito bites itch the moment a female mosquito bites the skin.
  6. Bed bug bites are usually flat in shape, resembling welts and blisters. Mosquito bites are oddly shaped bumps that look like pimples.
  7. Bed bug bites are not fatal, but mosquito bites can be fatal by transmitting infections and viruses.

Final Thought

Though when you first look at it, you might get confused between bed bug and mosquito bites as they can look quite similar. But the fact is that they are very different from each other because of the way they look, because of the many reactions they cause.

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