Difference between BB Cream and CC Cream

Main difference

BB Cream and CC cream are two different types of creams in cosmetics that are often considered interchangeable products by most people. There are many points that differentiate between BB cream and CC cream. The main difference between these two creams is that BB Cream is considered as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product that is used to replace serum, foundation, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. While CC cream is a cosmetic product used as a color control cream or to reduce redness and paleness of the skin.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream stands for beblesh balm, foundation for blemishes, and Western markets are synonymous with beauty balm. BB cream is a cosmetic product that is mainly sold in Asian markets; however, most beauty products have introduced BB creams in western markets. It is considered an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to remove serum, foundation, foundation, moisturizer and sunblock. It can be considered as a single color moisturizer, over moisturizer and serum on a regular basis, and under powder depending on the amount of coverage desired. The origins of BB creams are Christine Schrammek, a German dermatologist, in the 1960s; further developed in the 1980s by Korean cosmetic companies.

What is CC Creams?

CC creams stands for color control cream or color correcting cream and is used to reduce redness and blindness of the skin to improve uneven skin tone. CC cream first appeared in 2010 as a product of the Singapore-based brand Rachel K. Current popular CC cream brands are Chanel, Loreal, Rachel K, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Clinique and Olay. CC creams are believed to often provide more coverage compared to BB creams, but not always, and are presented as formulas that can cover blemishes and provide skin benefits such as reducing redness and dark spots, but not always They do that. .

Key differences

  1. BB cream is synonymous with beblesh balm, base for imperfections and beauty balm. CC cream stands for color control cream or color correcting cream.
  2. BB cream is a multi-purpose beauty cream that contains primer, serum, moisturizer, foundation and SPF for a natural finish. CC cream is a color correcting cream that protects and beautifies the skin.
  3. CC cream has a matte texture and is less greasy than BB cream, so it is recommended for oily skin.
  4. CC cream has color correcting properties making it ideal for replacing redness and paleness.
  5. Cosmetic experts prefer BB cream to CC cream for sensitive skin.
  6. Both BB cream and CC cream provide a natural look. But if you want to keep your skin clear, BB cream is the best option as it provides sheer coverage while targeting skin imperfections.
  7. For anti-aging, CC cream is best to use for targeted action against age spots and fine lines.

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