What is the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream

Currently, women consider makeup as a fundamental part to highlight the features of their face and improve the appearance of their skin. For this reason, it is important to know the differences between BB cream and CC cream bases, making your choice easier.

What is BB cream?

It is considered as a previous base that is applied to the face with the purpose of illuminating the face, moisturizing, correcting imperfections and protecting it from the sun with its UV protection factor. Its acronym is derived from the English words Blemish Balm (Balm for imperfections)

It is recommended to use this base before makeup, its purpose is to hide or cover imperfections due to sun exposure, age, acne, redness or any type of imperfection.

Its texture is finer compared to the rest of the makeup, being more sensitive to the skin as it does not leave a feeling of hardness on the face, being very fluid they manage to bring luminosity to the face, providing a golden color that provides an even appearance.

What is CC cream?

It is also known as a previous base to correct imperfections , protect from UV rays, improve the appearance of the skin, provide shine and luminosity . Its acronym comes from the words Color Correcting (color correction) for this reason it is more recommended to unify the color of the skin in women who have blemishes on the face by providing greater coverage.

This clogs pores less as it is lighter, providing greater coverage to the skin due to the pigments it possesses. The luminosity it provides is due to the golden pigments they possess, giving a tan appearance.

Difference between BB cream and CC cream

  • The BB cream is used to correct imperfections , nourish, illuminate and protect from UV rays, while the CC cream corrects the color while protecting, moisturizing and nourishing it.
  • It is more advisable to use the CC cream since it has more pigment that unifies and corrects the color of the skin.
  • The texture of the CC cream is more fluid than the BB cream .

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