Difference Between Baseball and Softball

Both are similar sports, but their main differences begin with the ball, in baseball a smaller and softer ball is used, in softball a larger and heavier ball is used. In softball the pitcher throws under the shoulder, in baseball over the shoulder. A softball game lasts longer than a baseball game and its field is more limited in size.


It is a team sport where a ball is thrown by the defensive team’s pitcher and the offensive team’s batter has to hit it to have a chance to reach the bases. In order to get a point or run, the batter must touch all three bases and the final mark or home plate.

The baseball field is up to 400 feet in size and the distance between bases is 60 feet. The pitcher or launcher throws the ball from a mound about 25 cm high and always does it over the shoulder. The game lasts 9 innings where the two teams take defensive and offensive positions.

For a team to be offensive, it has to get three outs. The outs are acquired when the batters commit three strikes (they do not hit the ball or swing the bat and do not hit it or hit it in the foul zone), or when a runner is off base, either because they caught the ball without it touched the ground or because the ball was caught by the base defender before the runner reached the base.


It is a sport similar to baseball, it lasts 7 innings and has a larger ball. Runs are earned the same way, but bases cannot be stolen like in baseball, you can only do so when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

It is thrown under the shoulder and does not do it from a mound, it executes it from a circle drawn with chalk. The field is between 200 and 220 feet in size and the distance between bases is 60 feet.

Difference Between Baseball and Softball

Softball uses a bat that cannot be longer than 34 inches and is usually made of aluminum. It weighs 1.1kg. In baseball a 42-inch bat is used and in professional games it must be made of wood. Does not require a weight limit. 



The softball is 12 inches in circumference and 7 ounces in weight. The baseball measures 9 inches in circumference and weighs 5 ounces.
In softball the bases are spaced 60 feet apart. 


In baseball, the bases are 90 feet apart.
The softball field measures up to 220 feet. The baseball field is about 400 feet. 


In softball, the pitcher throws from a flat circle with a radius of 8 feet outlined in white chalk. 


In baseball, the pitcher throws from a mound 25 cm high and with a radius of 9 feet. 


In softball, a base can only be stolen once the ball is out of the pitcher’s hands and must always be touching the base. 


In baseball, runners can steal bases any time the ball is in play. In the major leagues the runner does not always have to be in contact with the base, in minor leagues the runner must always be in contact with the base. 


The pitcher in softball may only pitch to home plate. The pitcher in baseball can throw the ball towards the bases if there are runners on them. 


In softball, substituted players may leave the game and re-enter for the same player who substituted for them. 


In baseball, substituted players can no longer enter again.
Softball can be played on women’s, men’s and co-ed teams. It can also be played in rooms. Baseball is generally exclusively male.

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