Difference Between Baptism and Christening

Main difference

Baptism and Christening are the two concepts that are often linked with Christianity. Furthermore, baptism is specifically a ritual or sacrament of Christianity followed by Christians. According to various Christian gospels, Jesus was baptized in water. It is the phenomenon where people often pour water or kneel under the water and even immerse their entire body in the water to be baptized. It is a kind of purification of soul and body. On the other hand, baptism is the phenomenon of naming the newborn while being baptized at the same time inside the church. In various regions, baptizing is only known as baptism. In other regions, the naming ceremony among the Christian community is called a baptism.

Comparison chart

Baptism Christening
About Baptism is a religious ritual or sacrament in which water is poured over the body, or the person is immersed in the water to purify himself before being admitted into Christianity. Christening is the phenomenon of giving a name to the newborn baby and at the same time baptizing him within the church. In some regions, baptism is only known as a baptism.
religious specification Found only in Christianity. It is found in various religions as a naming ceremony like Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.
purification involved Yes No, only if the person to whom the name was given was also baptized.
religious sacrament Yes No

What is baptism?

According to Christianity or belief of Christian people baptizing is the phenomena of admission of a person into the religion after getting pure by pouring water or submerging him or herself inside the water. It is a sort of religious ritual or more over a sacrament called by Christianity terms. In the holy Gospels of the Christian religion, it is stated that Jesus Christ himself was baptized. It is kind of ordinance that is linked with Jesus Christ. Almost every kind of baptism includes water. Everyone belonging to every age group can be baptized at any stage of their life. The more religious Christian baptized their newborn children in the church and named them as well. This phenomenon is often referred to as christening. In various regions, there are different terms used. Baptizing in the different region around the globe is also called christening if it involves naming the person as well. It is purification method, according to the Christianity a person is purified of all his or her sins after baptizing and is get admitted to the religion.

What is baptism?

Christening is often related to baptism and confused with baptism. The baptism is actually the name of the newborn. In most religious Christian families, newborn babies are given names after being baptized within a church; this collective ceremony is known as baptism. Baptism differs from baptism in several terms since, unlike baptism, it is not a sacrament or ordinance of Jesus. In various regions of the world, the Christian community also calls baptizing as baptism, so it is more confusing. Christening itself refers to the name of newborn babies, who are also often baptized at the same time, but necessarily. Naming ceremonies are also found in several other religions like Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, etc.

Baptism vs. Christening

  • Baptism is a religious sacrament that involves purification from sins before being admitted to the Christian.
  • Water is most commonly used for baptism.
  • Baptism is an ordinance of Jesus Christ.
  • Christening is naming the newborn
  • Christening can also imply baptism.
  • Water is poured or a person is immersed in the water for baptism.
  • Jesus was baptized according to the Gospel.
  • In various regions, the Christian community also refers to baptism as christening,

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