Difference Between Banner Ads and Commercial Advertisements

XAs we all know, an advertisement is a visual, auditory or audiovisual message, through which it is intended to make a product or service known to the community. Both advertisements and commercial advertisements are made by people and companies with specific purposes and that have similarities to each other, but that fulfill a different function.

Although both are intended to capture the attention of the community as potential customers, there are marked differences between these two types of ads, differences that we will point out in this article, after the brief definition of both terms.


It should be noted that an advertisement is a message that is taken to the community in order to publicize a product, service or a particular fact and that is aimed at promoting them.

For advertisements to be effective, that is, to achieve their goal of making a product or service known, they must follow certain guidelines. Among these guidelines, the advertisement must be clear, precise and credible, so that it can reach a greater number of people (masses) or a selected group of people.

Example: An example of an advertisement is advertisements to persuade people about the potential health risks of smoking cigarettes.


Like the advertisement, the commercial advertisement is a message that is taken to the community with the purpose of making a product known, considering the possibility of positioning it in the market and therefore selling it. Its effectiveness is calculated by the sales that the promoted product obtains from its commercial advertisement.

Example : an example of a commercial advertisement is one where a brand of cigarettes is clearly and precisely expressed in order to market and position them in the market.

Taking into account the previous definitions, it becomes clear that there are similarities between advertisements and commercials.

The main difference lies in the functionality of both types of ads. However, below are some specific characteristics of each of them that leads to establishing the fundamental differences between them:

Commercial Commercial
An advertisement does not necessarily have a commercial purpose, so its purpose can be informative. The commercial advertisement, as its name indicates, has a fundamentally commercial purpose.
An advertisement involves communication and information. A commercial advertisement also implies the marketing of products and/or services.
Advertisements tend to last longer in various media because they seek to convey an idea. Commercial advertisements usually have a shorter duration, since they seek to sell a product.
The effectiveness of the advertisement is measured based on the reception of the message among people. The effectiveness of the commercial advertisement is measured based on the sales derived from the promoted product.
The main feature of the advertisement is persuasion to influence the activities and ideas of the people to whom it is addressed. The main characteristic of the commercial announcement is the commercialization of a product or service.

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