What is the difference between band and orchestra?

In the musical world, bands and orchestras are distinguished by the number of members who are involved in the very action of singing. But, the purpose of both is to carry a message through different musical styles, in addition to pleasing the public.


It is a group of people united by sound interest and whose objective is to appear on stage to bring their compositions to an audience that specifically shares the same musical taste. In addition to human resources, a band is made up of instruments, which are responsible for accompanying the voice, or voices that will transmit the songs.

At the same time they can be composed of the members of the band. The songs played by a band can be unpublished, it means, be composed exclusively by one or all the members. It can also be songs by other authors, in this sense, it implies all legal permissions for its presentation.


It is a group of people who have a musical repertoire to an audience. An orchestra can be divided into groups that range from the musical direction (conductor), singers in their different voices (choir), and instrumentalists in different groups.

At the same time, this group of instruments can be divided by levels and by instruments, whether wind, string or percussion. At the time of its presentations, an orchestra can present songs by different authors or unpublished, this is because the orchestra is the cultural representation of a society and therefore the dissemination of classical musical repertoires is its center of attention.

 Differences between band and orchestra
  • The orchestra is characterized by having an extensive musical repertoire that ranges from classic and ancient themes, passing through different rhythms to the current or representative styles of a country.
  • The songs presented by the band are unreleased. That is, arranged by the members or a separate composer.
  • The orchestra wishes to highlight the songs of other authors that have become representative for a community or country.
  • The number of members of a band is similar to the number of instruments, since, in general, the vocalists are the ones who execute them.
  • In an orchestra there are different groups established for each type of instrument, having the opportunity to perform together. Example: the union between wind and string instruments.

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