Difference between Australian states and territories

Main difference

What is necessary is that the State is generally thought of as a result of the authority of the Government, while the Territories are reflected as a result of the areas that are not demanded by the Government. You can also say that the Territory is part of Australia, but not part of the State.

What is the Australian state?

Australia has six states in total and by title they are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. Each state has its private structure that is divided by the governmental states into comparable divisions from the legislature, the government, and the judiciary through the federal government. The state has correct under the construction that the state government makes and approves authorized tips. of the Constitution of Australia, the Parliament of the six states can give the authorized advice with respect to any matter that is not controllable by the Commonwealth. The head of each state government is appointed Premier.

What is the Australian territory?

There are 10 entire Territories of Australia that lie within the boundaries of the State. According to the Australian government appointed administrator, seven territories are dominated solely by the Common Heritage Act. Namely; Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island, Coral Sea Islands, Jervis Bay Territory, Heard Island Territory and McDonald Islands. Two Continental Territories which is the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory and the only offshore territory which is Norfolk Island, are granted restricted rights of self-government by the Federal Government. Outside of Government, ACT and the Northern Territory are normally treated as derived states from the large population size.

Key differences
  1. Australian states can make authorized tips, while territories cannot.
  2. Commonwealth does not administer the states, as it is correct to make its own laws under construction, while Parliament or the Australian government administers the territory
  3. Not all territories, however, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Norfolk Island are right to some degree in self-government and the rest of them are administered by the Government, while the State should not be administered. by anyone under construction.
  4. The state is referred to as a result of the authority of the government, while the territory is part of Australia, but it is not part of the state and furthermore it is the most important among them.
  5. Six states collectively joined together to make the Commonwealth of Australia and preserve the power to make their authorized tips, while not a single state claimed the Territory even though it is within Australia’s borders.

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