Difference Between ASP and PHP

Main difference

ASP and PHP are two development technologies that are used in web development, especially for generating dynamic web pages. Among various web languages, these two are the most popular web development and programming languages ​​and are used for database-driven website development. The purpose of this article is to critically analyze both technologies and look for differences between them.

What is ASP?

Active Server Pages or ASP is Microsoft’s server-side scripting engine used to develop dynamically generated web pages. It was released by Microsoft in 1996 and runs inside IIS, Internet Information Services. It is integrated with multiple objects like Application, ASPError, Request, Response, Session, Transfer Method, Execute Method and Server. Web pages with the .asp and .aspx file extension used ASP and ASP.NET respectively, which makes them faster at running server-side scripting services. Programmers and web developers used VBScript to write ASP pages. Microsoft has stopped further updates to its version since 2000. IIS, PWS, ChiliASP, or InstantASP is required for ASP support.

What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is also a general-purpose programming and server-side programming language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 for web development. Currently, more than 40% of website developers and web servers use PHP. It is also based on HTML code and can be used with various frameworks and templating engines. On December 18, 2014, The PHP Group released its latest version. It is based on C++ language and its structure is similar to C, C++, Java, TCL and Perl. Eclipse Helios 2010 is used as the platform and MySQL is used as the database server for PHP developers. Lots of helper and assembly functions like ftp,

Key differences

  1. PHP is based on the C++ language and its structure is similar to C, C++, Java, TCL, and Perl, while ASP is based on VBScript.
  2. The operating system strength of PHP is more than ASP. PHP can be easily used on Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems while ASP is mostly used on Windows operating system developed by Microsoft.
  3. Many assembly and helper functions like ftp, email exchange and encryption system are already included in PHP, which are totally neglected in ASP.
  4. Both ASP and PHP are the technologies of the 90’s. PHP regularly releases its latest version at short intervals of time and stays up to date with the latest development requirements. Whereas ASP had been dysfunctional since 2000.
  5. PHP performance and code speed is faster and easier than ASP.
  6. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is used as the platform for ASP developers, while Eclipse Helios 2010 is used as the platform for PHP developers.
  7. SQL 2008 server is used as the database server for ASP and MySQL database server is used for PHP.
  8. Although PHP is simply easier than ASP, ASP’s functions and controls are more efficient and reliable than PHP.

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