Difference between Asian beetle and ladybug

Main difference

Ladybug or Lady Beetle is one of the most common types of insects that belongs to the Beetle family and is found all over the world. In addition, it is classified by species and geographic areas in which they are particularly found and possess a variety of different physical features. The ladybug is a common beetle that is usually red in color and has a small black head. Asian Lady Beetle is a species of ladybug that occurs naturally in East Asia, but is now artificially present in various parts of the world. It differs in size, color, and head shape in contrast to the normal type of beetles.

Comparative chart

Asian beetle O
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Edge Arthopoda Arthopoda
Class Insect Insect
Family Coccinellidae Coccinellidae latreille, 1807
Order Beetles Beetles
About Asian Lady Beetle is a species of ladybug found specifically in East Asia. It is larger in size than normal beetles and differs in body shape, patterns, and markings on the body. Ladybugs or ladybugs are the common type of insects that belong to the beetle family. They have a small black head and a red H-shaped body with black dots on them.
Marks and patterns Asian ladybugs are usually large in size compared to common beetles. They have a large head on which they have a written pattern such as W or M. The large white markings of the Asian beetle are considered as their cheeks. The common type of ladybugs have small pimples compared to the large heads of Asian ladybugs. Some of them have white markings on their cheeks that are quite small compared to Asian ladybugs.
Regions found in Asian Lady Beetle is naturally found only in East Asia. But it is carried to Europe and North America, as well as a resistance to other insects such as aphids, etc. Ladybugs are found almost everywhere in the world and are given different names everywhere. In the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan, Ireland, South Africa it is called Ladybird, while in North America it is called ladybugs etc.
What is Asian Lady Beetle?

Asian Lady Beetle is a famous type of ladybug that occurs naturally in East Asia. Asian Lady Beetle differs in size, shape, colors, markings, and body patterns from the common ladybird beetle type found in the world. Asian Lady Beetle due to their larger size and aggressive nature of attack, unlike regular small-sized ladybugs, they are now artificially transported to North America and Europe, also to provide tough resistance to other small insects that are affecting the fields or plants such as aphids, etc. Beetle possesses large giant heads compared to common ladybugs. Their head is usually black in color with an M or W pattern on it. They have white markings that are known as the white cheeks of the Asian beetle,

What is Ladybug?

Ladybug, ladybug or ladybug, all of these names are used throughout the world for one of the most common types of insects that belongs to the family of beetles. The common type of ladybugs or ladybugs are quite small and possess a shy demeanor. Their body is usually red in color with a small black head compared to other giant ladybugs like the Asian ladybug. Ladybugs are found in almost every part of the world, including the UK, India, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, North America, and Pakistan, and also in several European countries.

Asian Lady Beetle vs. Ladybug

  • Asian Lady Beetle is naturally found only in East Asia.
  • Ladybugs are commonly found in all parts of the world.
  • Asian ladybugs are larger in size compared to common ladybugs.
  • Asian ladybugs are different colors compared to common single-colored ladybugs.
  • Asian ladybugs have large white cheeks, unlike common ladybugs have small white cheek markings.

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