Difference between Architect and Engineer

Architect and engineer are two professions that can be related, especially in the field of construction. A civil engineer is one in charge of the structural design of the buildings that an architect projects or designs. Engineering is also responsible for various branches such as mechanics, industry and economics.


It is the professional who projects, designs, directs the construction and maintenance of urbanizations, buildings, structures and cities. His art is based on the reflection of concepts such as living and social needs. An architect requires higher education, technical, social and artistic training.

Projects buildings, structures and urban spaces and can ensure their development, construction and maintenance. You must know various construction systems, techniques and materials to respond to the needs and comply with various regulations, adjusting to reasonable deadlines and costs.


It is the set of scientific and technological knowledge indicated for the innovation, invention, development and improvement of techniques and tools aimed at satisfying the needs and solving the problems that companies and society may present.

It is based on physics, chemistry, mathematics and other sciences to develop technologies ensuring efficient and productive management of resources and the force of nature. Engineering is responsible for applying knowledge and scientific methods to the invention or improvement of technologies.

Differences between architect and engineer

  • Architecture is responsible for the design of the work, the distribution of spaces and its execution.
  • A civil engineer performs the calculations and procedures that guarantee the stability and structural viability of a work.
  • The architect designs the spaces that the client or society needs.
  • The civil engineer structurally designs the buildings designed by the architect, as well as bridges, roads and dams. His designs are structural and he does not focus on their function. He seeks his stability, he seeks economic and time savings.

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