Difference between Architect and Civil Engineer

During the construction of a building civil engineers and architects must work together. Both races work as complements during this process. Perhaps due to the fact of working together and so closely, many people confuse the roles of each one and think that one can be dispensed with if the other is there. However, the fields of both careers are different, each one focuses on different areas and that is why it is important not to confuse civil engineering with architecture.

Comparison chart

Civil engineer
Definition Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of different types of infrastructure. Therefore, it can be said that the civil engineer is in charge of the structural design of a work taking into account aspects such as the conditions of the land to be built. Regarding architecture, it is defined as the art of designing, projecting and constructing buildings. 

An architect pays special attention to aesthetics, the proper use of spaces and their correct function. Long considered one of the seven Fine Arts, architecture seeks to create a space that is as intelligent as it is aesthetic.

Chores Calculate the best way to guarantee the stability and structural viability of the building in question. Design of the work, location and distribution of spaces and execution of the work. All this while looking for a way to make a space as habitable, functional and pleasant as possible.
Type of works where your work is best appreciated It is easier to appreciate the work of a civil engineer in large constructions, such as buildings, bridges, highways and roads, ports, dams, aqueducts, canals, among others. Houses, buildings, museums, churches and all kinds of religious buildings, tourist attractions, headquarters of large organizations, government houses, among others.

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