Difference between Arabic and Berber 

The Arabs are those groups that live in the Middle East and North Africa and the Berbers are indigenous peoples that reside in North Africa. They both have different languages


An Arab is a natural person from the Arabian Peninsula and Arabic-speaking territories. Arabs are considered to be people who have Arabic as their mother tongue regardless of their origin or religion, as well as the natives of Arab countries. There are three criteria that can define a person as an Arab:

  • Genealogical criterion: The descendants of the ancient tribes of Arabia, that is, they are the inhabitants of the Arabian peninsula and Syria.
  • Linguistic criteria: Defines as Arabs those who have Arabic as their mother tongue. There are those who refuse to be Arabs despite having this language because they do not have Arab ancestors.
  • Geopolitical criterion: Defines any citizen of any state where Arabic is the official language or at least one of the official ones.


Berbers are people who belong to a group of ethnic groups native to North Africa. They are found from the Atlantic seaboard to the Siwa oasis in Egypt and from the Mediterranean coast to the Sahel. They speak a set of Afroasiatic languages.

The translation of Berber is “free men” a part of the population of North Africa is Berber, from 35 to 40% of the Moroccan population and up to 25% of Algerians identify themselves as Berber because they speak their language. In some urban areas they speak Arabic, but they maintain cultural habits typical of the Berbers.

Difference Between Arabic and Berber

  • The Berbers are indigenous people found in North Africa.
  • Arabs live in the Middle East and parts of North Africa.
  • Berbers are the dominant racial group in Morocco.
  • The Arabs are concentrated in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.
  • Berbers have European features such as red or blonde hair and green or blue eyes.
  • Arabs have brown skin, black hair, and brown or black eyes.

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