Difference Between Apes and Humans

Main difference

It is believed and said that humans derive from apes. Well, there are definitely many differences between humans and apes, but the main difference lies in the degree or level of intelligence. The difference also lies in the ability and capacity of the spoken language.

What are apes?

Apes fall into the category of mammals. They climb trees except gorillas. Today, apes are in danger of extinction in several places and some countries in the world are completely deprived of apes. However, apes have shown the ability to understand and learn, with greater. Apes have a complex nervous system and advanced animals in many ways. Apes are covered with hair all over their bodies and that is one of the reasons why they fall into the category of mammals. They have muscles that are very strong and help them lift heavy objects. Apes cannot talk like us, but they have the ability to communicate with each other with loud growls and physical gestures. Unfortunately, it is a known fact that apes are now highly threatened due to human activities such as hunting.

What is human?

Humans are mammals as they grow hair on their bodies, give birth to a live baby, and also feed their own baby. They walk on their lower limbs and use their upper limbs to carry out different activities in their daily lives. They have strong arms with which they can lift heavy objects. Its grappling power is very strong compared to other animals. Humans are able to speak and thus communicate with each other. Human beings have a very complex nervous system, and apart from them, the cardiac, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems are very functional. Your immune system is capable of fighting off so many diseases.

Key differences

  1. The brain of an ape is not as developed as that of a human.
  2. Communication in apes is through physical gestures, but in humans it is through languages, since they can speak correctly.
  3. Apes are endangered on Earth, humans are not.
  4. The thinking ability of humans is much more advanced than that of apes.
  5. The brain size is also different in these two.
  6. Humans have more advanced use of limbs compared to apes.
  7. Humans have a flatter face instead of projecting vicious like apes.

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