Difference Between Annex and Appendix

Main difference

The main difference between the Annex and the Appendix is ​​that the Annex is an addition of supplementary information, while the Appendix is ​​an extension or an annex to a document.

Annex vs Appendix

The annex is a stand-alone document that is an addendum to the main report. Contains other additional information. An appendix is ​​an appendix to the main report that contains data about the original copy of the document or its references. An approved attachment without the original file. An appendix cannot be submitted without the main or original file. The word annex means ‘extension or addition’. The word appendix means “attachment or accompaniment.”

The annex includes news, articles, reports, affidavits, etc. The annex includes figures, charts, graphs, tables, etc. The annex includes the supporting documents to validate the document or report. An appendix is ​​made up of basic and detailed basic knowledge. The annex is a legal document that is added to the report or book, while the appendix is ​​any attached information related to the original copy. An annex is the addition of a document to an existing document. The appendix is ​​a vestigial section of a document.

The annex is usually found at the beginning of the document, while the appendix is ​​at the end of a document or book. The annex helps the reader to understand the external context. On the contrary, the appendix helps the reader to understand the essential background information: the term appendix is ​​used mainly in models and ideas, and the term appendix is ​​used mainly in research articles. The annex can be valid without the main copy. However, an appendix cannot be considered without the main copy. The annex is more relevant to the context of the main body. The appendix will not be valuable or informative apart from the context of the main document.

Comparison chart

annexed Appendix
Adding another document Adding information at the end of the document
It is mainly used in business, ideas or reports. It is mainly used in the field of research.
Written by
Other party or author Usually written by the original author of the document.
Additional Information References
Longer than the appendix Not as long as an annex

What is the annex?

The word annex derived from the word “annex” is also known as an annex. The annex considered as a complete document means that the annex is an independent document. Mainly, the annex is said to be a completely different file and it is also said to be a separate document. Sometimes the attachment could not be added to the original document. The annex itself is important and essential to the publication. Due to its great importance, it is still attached to the file.

The annex is usually the work of another author. It consists of a set of different exhibits and other legal documents related to the main copy or main document. And it provides appropriate information relevant to the topic and purpose. Although, sometimes, the appendix also provides context information for the main body. He also said that the annex analyzed the context of the main body. The annex is of fundamental importance in research reports since it consists of an introduction, summary, methodology, context table, bibliography and abstract, etc.

An addendum validates the main body information and relevant formatting. Mainly, the annex is attached to the report, main document, appeal, evidence, application, etc. However, the annex is not part of the context of the main body. It is an additional, subordinate and independent document of the main document that is attached to it. The annex contains data that cannot be included in the original document; contains additional information about the main context. Also known as affix or extension.

What is the Appendix?

The stub consists of data that cannot be placed in the main context. The appendix is ​​not a stand-alone document. It is a citation of the different parts of the original document – ​​usually an appendix written by the author, who writes the original document. An appendix is ​​related to additional material that is usually attached to the end of the main document. For example, the appendix of the English grammar book includes the list of differences between American and British English and sometimes provides the list of regular or irregular verbs. An appendix covers all the information that is not exactly relevant to the topic.

The appendices are normally technical, historical and statistical. The purpose of the appendix data is to add more significant essential details and other visual examples to understand the main text. Data appendix used to expose or diversify the knowledge of the original text by the help of information about the main text. The data in the appendix are not core data; therefore, added to the end of the main text. Your data is not fixed in the main body because it affects the level of complexity and readability of the text.

The appendix supports the analysis and helps the researcher understand the work by illustrating all the background details and explaining the findings. Although the full data detail is present in the appendix because it includes a questionnaire, mathematical derivations, statistical test data, maps, figures, etc., we can put any data related to our research topic and topic directly and also provide the information adequate. references used in the main text. Also, noted that the appendix must be labeled with letters or numbers, and must appear on the content page.

Key differences

  1. The annex is a supplementary material attached to a file, while the appendix is ​​the additional information of the main file.
  2. An appendix is ​​a file that is used frequently; on the other hand, the annex of common use in the technical or business field.
  3. The addendum is a stipulated legal evidence document and conversely, the addendum is essential background information.
  4. The annex used without the main document in the appendix on the back is not used without the main document.
  5. An appendix is ​​attached to the end of a book, while the annex is a separate legal document.
  6. An annex is also said as an independent or independent document comparatively with the appendix.
  7. The author of the main documents mainly prepares an appendix; on the contrary, the annex cannot.

Final Thought

Annex and appendix are two related but different terms. The annex refers to the addition and the appendix applies to the length of a document.

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