Differences between American and European Boxer

As many know, the Boxer is a breed of working and companion dog that has been widely used as a guard dog for many years. The Boxer is a cross between a Bullenbeisser Brabant and a Bulldog of yesteryear, now extinct breeds whose characteristics have made it be chosen as a police dog in various parts of the world.

Similarly, it is a breed of German origin but it has been taken to various countries presenting certain variations, product of the mixture of breeds and the evolutions that the same species has had depending on climate, diet, way of life, among others.

It is important to note that there are no types of boxer dog but rather styles, which depend on their lineage, that is, on the dog’s bloodline. In this sense, in this article we will present the differences between the American Boxer and the European Boxer, based on their characteristics.

american boxer

The American Boxer Dog is one of several Boxer styles that exist. Although all boxer styles are of German origin, in the case of the American boxer, its passage to America was more as a companion animal than as a working animal. This caused changes to occur in the Boxer’s physical build and coat.

Its main characteristics in terms of physical appearance are: short, strong and shiny fur, it does not have wrinkles on the skin, it stands slightly different from the European boxer due to the shape of its feet and it has a broader snout. Likewise, the American Boxer is somewhat more stylized and elongated than the European Boxer and its coat has brindle characteristics.

Finally, the American Boxer is a little taller than the European Boxer, they have a larger but less flat head and are generally playful dogs, good companion dogs and good-natured.

european boxer

As we already mentioned, the Boxer dog is of European origin, specifically German, however, there are three styles of which two are European: the German Boxer and the UK Boxer. Both the German Boxer and the UK Boxer have almost the same physical characteristics except for minor variations among which are: slightly smaller snout, broad thighs, larger bone size than the American Boxer, and small legs with high knuckles.

On the other hand, the European boxer color has different reddish tones and also white spots. Finally, in Europe it is widely used as a surveillance and working dog, although they are mostly used as companion dogs.

Once the characteristics of the American boxer and the European boxer have been presented, it can be said that the main differences between these two styles are:

  • The American Boxer has only one style while the European Boxer has two styles, the German Boxer and the UK Boxer.
  • The American Boxer is slimmer and longer than the European Boxer.
  • The American Boxer has short, shiny, brindle fur while the European Boxer has short, shiny, reddish-toned fur.
  • The American Boxer has a broader muzzle than the European Boxer which has a slightly smaller muzzle.

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