Difference Between Algorithm and Flowchart

Main difference

Algorithm is usually a procedure or sometimes even called a formula that is used to solve mathematical and computer science problems. While on the other hand, flowchart is a diagram that contains different steps through which a problem can be explained. In short, the flowchart is the pictorial way of representing a process and the algorithm is done through a step-by-step process. And flowchart is a tool that is used with algorithms. Also, flowcharts can be used in organizing different processes for many different purposes like educational, algorithmic, and personal etc. Algorithms are used for mathematical and computing purposes and if a person wants to explain a new concept then he should opt for algorithms. Creating flowcharts is not that difficult and complex as compared to algorithms. Also, when we talk about algorithms, they do not depend on different computer languages, they are easy in that sense but still complex. Whereas in the case, flowcharts are represented in a smooth flow of data, as the entire program can be done with simple steps, either formal or informal.Furthermore, the sequence in a flowchart can be done and express through arrows and boxes of different sizes, can be done creatively, so it’s interesting to watch. It also provides some modifications to run a program and ease of coding as well. And in a flowchart we can easily highlight the main elements and their relationship to each other. What’s more, Algorithms can be expressed in different types of notations including natural languages, programming languages, flowcharts, pseudocode, and also control tables. Furthermore, algorithms can be classified by recursive, serial, parallel or distributed and can also be viewed as controlled logical deduction. They can also be made into flowcharts and also into computer programs.

Comparison chart

Algorithm Flowchart
step by step training box-to-box training
It is primarily run to complete or manage the implementation of a program. It can be used in general terms to solve any problem related to an individual or a group.
More detailed but difficult to understand for a layman. Less detailed but easy to understand for everyone.
Specific programming language used. The use of logic and signs is the main tool.
Started with the help of a flowchart. Based on general thoughts and first planning ideas.

What is the flowchart?

Flowchart is a step-by-step diagram using different shapes and sizes of arrows showing their connection. It also represents algorithms and different workflows. The objective of the flowchart is mainly to design, manage and analyze different programs and processes that are carried out in various areas. Flowchart was introduced by Frank Gilberth in 1921 and many types of flowcharts were introduced including document flowchart, program flowchart, system flowchart and data flowchart. Also, the different types of flowchart shapes are flow line which represents an arrow, terminal (sphere shape), process (rectangular shape), decision (diamond or rhombus shape), input / output (parallelogram) and preparation (hexagon), etc. So most of the flowcharts are graphical representations regarding the process flow.

What is the algorithm?

This is known as step-by-step problem solving which includes calculations, reasoning, and data processing tasks. The word “algorithm” comes from al-Khwarizmi, who was a Persian astronomer, mathematician, scholar, and geographer. Algorithms can be expressed and analyzed using flowcharts, drakon diagrams, pseudocode, natural languages, etc. Also, many ways of classifying algorithms are recursive, serial, parallel, or distributed, and can also be viewed as controlled logical deduction. Also, the algorithms are very easy and each step involved in the process has its own sequence, which is quite logical. furthermore, algorithms can be converted into flowcharts and also into computer programs and interestingly enough, they are independent of any computer language and use the English language to describe the logic, so it has no restrictions. If a person has a new concept and wants to explain a new concept, then he should go for the algorithm.

Key differences

  1. The flowchart is a pictorial representation; The algorithm is performed step by step.
  2. Flowcharts can be used in organizing different processes for many different purposes; algorithms are used for mathematical and computer purposes.
  3. The flowchart was presented by Frank Gilberth; the word “algorithm” comes from al-Khwarizmi.
  4. Creating flowcharts is not that difficult and complex as compared to algorithms.
  5. Flowcharts can be used for many different purposes like educational, algorithmic and personal etc while algorithms are used for mathematical and computer purposes.
  6. Algorithms can be expressed and analyzed using flowcharts; while flow charts can be analyzed by themselves.
  7. Flowchart can be done quite creatively involving different ways as compared to algorithms.

Final Thought

In short it can be said that both terms, although related to each other in some way, are very different from each other when looking at the literal meaning and detailed explanation. Hopefully this article would have helped clear up the confusion.

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