Difference between an AK-47 and an FX-05

The FX-05 rifles They are, to some extent, new. These weapons were ordered from the General Directorate of Military Industry by the Mexican government. Likewise, they were designed in Mexico, looking for a cheaper option to the German Heckler & Kosh G3 rifles that had been used for 20 years. It is worth mentioning that they are for the exclusive use of the Mexican army. There is much controversy surrounding these rifles, as they have been identified as plagiarism of the Heckler & Kosh G3 36-V (an accusation that was dismissed both by the Germans and by SEDENA, or the Secretary of National Defense). One of the peculiarities of these weapons is that they are tailored to the average Mexican soldier, however, not much information has been released about this weapon.

The AK-47 , on the other hand, is one of the most popular weapons in the world. One of the reasons for this is that it is favored by various criminal groups, such as the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, terrorist cells in some Middle Eastern countries, and guerrillas in Africa. In addition, it is known to be the most illegally sold weapon in the world. Culturally speaking, it has a lot of weight within some sectors of some societies. She is frequently named in songs of the “narcocorrido” genre, in which she is called by her Mexican name: horn de goat. In Africa, the AK-47 can be found on the flag of Mozambique, as well as on the coats of arms of Zimbabwe and East Timor. The Lebanese Hezbollah organization has also placed it on its flag.

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What kind of weapon is it? It is an assault rifle of exclusive Mexican design. It is a versatile weapon that with some modifications can be used as a rifle, machine gun, carbine and by snipers. Assault rifle (semi-automatic, the fully automatic one is available in the US but only under some special conditions).
Other names Xiuhcóatl and Fire Serpent (the meaning of Xiuhcóatl  in Nahuatl). Horn of Goat (Mexico), Kalash (in some African countries).
Cartridges (ammunition) 5.56 x 45 NATO 7.62×39mm
Weight Approximately 3.89kg. In its compressed air weapon mode, its weight is 3.22 kg. 4.3 kg, (9.5 lbs) unloaded
firing system The recharge is powered by gas. It also has a rotary lock. The recharge is activated by gas, it has a rotating bolt
crosshairs (crosshairs) Its sights are telescopic and mechanical. They are also fixed and have Picatinny rails. Adjustable steel sights, from 100 to 800 meters according to the setting given. It also has a 378 mm (14.9 in) radius.
Design It was designed in 2005. Its design dates from 1947 (although the first design was made between 1944 and 1946).
Distance and effectiveness It has a maximum range of 800 meters. In automatic mode it reaches up to 300 meters (330 yards). In semi-automatic mode it reaches 400 meters (440 yards).
Variations There are no variations as such yet, however there are three different modalities of this weapon. The first is the assault rifle, then there is the carbine and finally the short carbine. AK-47 1948-51, AK-47 1952, AKS-47, AKM (the most widespread version), AKMS, etc.
Exit speed or projection The maximum muzzle velocity that this weapon achieves is 956 m/s. The muzzle velocity when firing this weapon is 715 m/s (or 2,346 ft/s).
Birthplace Mexico Soviet Union
Designer This weapon has been designed and developed by the Center for Applied Research and Technological Development of the Military Industry (CIADTIM), in Mexico. Michael Kalashnikov
rate of fire It reaches up to 750 shots per minute. The rate of fire of an AK-47 is 600 shots per minute.
Charger It uses a straight removable magazine from 30 to 60 rounds. It has a removable magazine of 20 and 30 cartridges. However, it is also compatible with the RPK’s 40-round and 75-round curved magazine.
In service since… Since2008. Since 1949.
barrel length This information is not known. 415mm (or 16.3 inches)
Maker It is currently manufactured by the General Directorate of Military Industry (DGIM) in Mexico exclusively. They are currently manufactured by the Kalashnikov Corporation (previously called Izhmash).
Overall objective Any object that is between 200 and 800 meters away. It has no single purpose.
Price As it is not for sale to individuals, its exact price is not known. What is known is that the production of 10,000 of these rifles cost the Mexican government 84 million pesos. From $350 to $700 dollars (USD).
Restrictions (in the United States) It is currently for the exclusive use of the Mexican army, therefore it cannot be bought/sold in other countries or by individuals. There are no restrictions on possession of the semi-automatic version of this weapon in the United States. The fully automatic version is restricted for use.
Accuracy (on a 16″ barrel) This information is unknown. 2 to 6 MOA (MOA are units of measurement used in ballistics and artillery. In Spanish it is known as “minute of angle” or “minute of arc”. It is equivalent to 2.9 cm per 100 meters).
reliability  This information is unknown. It works well under any conditions.
History It was designed and created by the DGIM under the command of Brigadier General Industrial Engineer José Antonio Iztiga Landeros. An approximate of 65 military engineers were involved in the creation process. This model was developed in the USSR by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947. It is currently the most popular weapon among guerrilla groups. It is also the most produced firearm in history.
Recoil (or kickback) type The FX-05 has an easy to control recoil. Its recoil is light, easy to control in those that are semi-automatic.
About… This rifle had its official presentation in the parade on September 16, 2006. Its full name is FX-05 Xiuhcóatl, which means “serpent of fire” in Nahuatl. The name AK-47 comes from “Kalashnikov automatic, model of 1947”. Despite this, almost all AK-47s are in fact AKM 1959s. This is a 7.62x39mm assault rifle capable of direct fire. It is also gas powered.
This weapon has been popularized for being the favorite of large criminal groups. In Mexico, for example, the so-called goat horns are the most seized weapons from drug cartels.

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