Difference between Agape Love and Eros

Agape love is a type of unconditional and very thoughtful love that only seeks the good of the loved one, while eros love is romantic love, the one that you want, the one you have for a partner or towards an individual that arouses sexual arousal. .


This is a Greek term that describes an unconditional love in which a lover has only the good of the loved one in mind. Some Greek philosophers used it to designate it as universal love, love towards truth or towards humanity.

The term, without having a religious connotation, came to be used by a great variety of ancient and contemporary sources to designate the love for the wife or family, the vocation and the love that God feels for humanity. Agape is that selfless love, the one that moves people for the well-being of others regardless of the personal cost it may have.


It is romantic love, the one that wants and pursues sexual satisfaction. The Greeks used it to express sexual love or feelings of excitement and desire shared by individuals who are physically attracted to each other. In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love.

It is an idealized form of love, it is the feeling of ecstasy that is experienced when starting a new relationship, where passion and physical attraction are the main thing. This type of love does not last too long and depends on favorable and pleasant circumstances, it is conditioned by our biology and instinct.

Differences between Agape and Eros love

  • Agape love is spiritual love. They define it as the love that God feels for humanity or the love felt by those who act out of self-sacrifice seeking the good of others.
  • Eros love is defined by the sexual attraction that two individuals feel towards each other. It is love defined by eroticism and instincts.

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