Difference Between Acronym and Abbreviation

Main difference

The main difference between acronym and abbreviation is that acronym is a type of abbreviation while abbreviation is a short form of a phrase or word.

Acronym vs. Abbreviation

The acronym uses noun of the verb like ‘baptism; on the other hand, the abbreviation is derived from the Latin word ‘brevis’ which means short cut. Acronym first introduced in the 1800s, but no one has the idea that it is an acronym; on the other hand, abbreviation used in the 1400 century.

The acronym is not used in historical words or phrases; on the contrary, we frequently use abbreviations in historical words and phrases. The acronym creates new words and we may forget them, while the abbreviation has no access to create new words and we may never forget them.

In the medical field, “help” is known as the acronym for “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.” But the abbreviation in the medical field is known as HIV. The acronym uses a single explanatory word; on the other side, the abbreviation explains the entire line or sentence.

In the acronym, both upper and lower case letters are used. But in the abbreviation, only the capital letter is used. An acronym is a nickname for anything; on the other hand, the abbreviation pronounced the name of anything in an easy and complete way.

Comparison chart

Acronym Abbreviation
An acronym is the first word of a sentence. The abbreviation is standardized for or word.
Use in literature
The acronym first used in literature on the Laborites bell in 1943. The abbreviation was first used in the literature in 1940.
informal language formal language
Date of birth: Date of birth Government: Government

What is an acronym?

The acronym is like a word, the name of a word, or a type of abbreviation. An acronym is an element of a phrase. The acronyms are usually separate letters like NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization and NCB stands for National Commercial Bank.

Each letter in NCB is an Acronym, N is an Acronym, C is an Acronym and B is also an Acronym. An acronym is a process where parts of two or more words are put together to create a new word. The difference between abbreviation and acronym has been phased out.

Now the acronym is usually useful for numerous types of abbreviations. An acronym is a collection of letters of a word in a name. We can also say that Acronym is a word created from the initial letters of a name, such as WAC for Women’s Army Corps.


  • OPEC: Organization, oil, exporting country
  • HR: Human Resources
  • DND: Do Not Disturb
  • ASAP: As soon as possible
  • DIY: do it yourself
  • PIN: Personal Identification Number
  • FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
  • FYI: FYI
  • ATM: automated teller machine
  • UFO: Unidentified Flying Object
  • HIV: human immunodeficiency virus
  • IQ: intelligence quotient
  • SOS: Save our souls

What is the abbreviation?

An abbreviation is a small form of a word, since we use the word Mr. instead of Mr. Abbreviation, abbreviation, abbreviation are the representative forms of abbreviation. One type of abbreviation is acronyms that can be pronounced and are initialized ‘using initials only’.

The abbreviation is used as grammatical contractions or crises. Abbreviations are mostly used in the media for any letter or phrase, as ‘NAB’ itself is a word and is short for National Accountability Beurue. An abbreviation is the shortening procedure or invention.

It helps reduce the time required to write or talk about something. It is a short form of a word or phrase, prepared by skipping a few letters or using only the first letter of each word.


  • Km: Kilometer (s)
  • Department: Department
  • Eng: England, English
  • Cabbage: Colonel
  • Geog: Geography
  • Lit: Literary, Literature
  • Ref: Reference
  • Rept: Report
  • Viz: Videlicet
  • Year: year
  • Saint: Holy
  • Subject : Subject
  • Univ: University
  • Vocabulary: vocabulary.

Key differences

  1. The acronym is not a standard word; while the abbreviation is a standard word.
  2. An acronym is a scientific name or an idea; on the other hand, the abbreviation is an international name or idea.
  3. The acronym is a word that we cannot easily understand because it has incomplete meanings; conversely, the abbreviation is easily understandable with full meanings.
  4. An acronym in parentheses is not used on the reverse; The abbreviation is mainly used in parentheses.
  5. An acronym that is primarily used in a long organization name, but an abbreviation is a complete description of any name in a short form.

Final Thought

An abbreviation and an acronym have an important role in the literature. An abbreviation is a small form that helps to show the whole word, while an acronym consists of the initial letters of a phrase.

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