Difference between Accident and Claim

The eventualities are differentiated by levels depending on the reason caused or the results obtained. The accident is usually caused unconsciously with a minimum level of injuries, while the sinister one is generated by planning with bad intentions.


It is an unforeseen event that occurs without premeditation, the result depends on the level of damage, minor injuries or serious consequences. An accident is an unexpected act in the face of something common or daily routine planning.

When a container falls in the kitchen, or a finger gets hit, they are accidents that occur during the day due to inattention or the intervention of other people in the case of a car crash.


It is an act that is generated from a malicious planning of one person towards another. When we talk about an accident, that is, it is a serious event that involves injuries, temporary chaos, damages, for example: kidnappings, infrastructure collapses or theft.

In the case of disasters or natural events, they are caused by the variations that the planet has in a fixed area, for example: storms, earthquakes, or earthquakes. Natural disasters such as civilians (people) are accidents of a high degree.


Differences between accident and sinister

  • The accident is an involuntary or unforeseen event.
  • The loss is a malicious planned action.
  • The accident has damage levels ranging from mild, moderate or severe, but does not proceed to death.
  • The claim is the sum of accidents in number and severity. When there are many car crashes, it is considered as an accident. When there is only one crash, it is an accident.
  • The accident is generated by lack of attention or lack of maintenance of an artifact.
  • The loss can be caused naturally, resulting in collateral damage, for example: earthquakes, earthquakes, hurricanes.

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