Difference between 4 star hotel and 5 star hotel

Main difference

Hotel It is easy to understand the term. Before talking about 4 and 5 star hotels, it is important to understand why there is a hotel classification. Basically, the word star when used with hotel classifies the hotel according to quality, service, comfort and basic facilities. Most hotels also used the word diamond in place of a star for rating purposes.

What is a 4 star hotel?

The 4 star hotel is a kind of first class hotel, offering limited luxury facilities to its customers. There are several rooms, suites, restaurants and bars in a 4 star hotel. It also offers business facilities such as conference room or meeting room, swimming pool, gym, concierge and babysitting for clients. The minibar or in-room beverage service is open 24 hours. Breakfast is provided to customers through the room service menu card. In addition, their reception will remain open for 18 hours. However, the telephone installation from inside and outside remains accessible for 24 hours.

What is a 5 star hotel?

The 5-star hotel is a kind of superior super-class hotel, providing additional services in addition to the basic services provided by the 4-star hotel. Multilingual staff is available at the 5-star hotel 24 hours a day. Your reception will remain open 24 hours. In addition to Internet connection, it also provides PCs in each room. Cleaning and shoe pressing services are provided to each client. In the case of a client’s guest, the client greets the guest by presenting fresh flowers. In short, it offers luxury accommodation and services to its clients.

Key differences

  1. The 4-star reception is open 18 hours a day, while the 5-star reception is open 24/7.
  2. Both types of hotels offer Internet connection, but the 5-star hotel also offers PCs in the room.
  3. 5-star hotels mainly offer suites with separate bedroom, living room and bathroom, while suites are not compulsory in 4-star hotels, although some 4-star hotels have limited suites.
  4. The 4-star hotel rooms are decorated with modern style and material and high coloring level, while in the 5-star hotel, they are decorated with elegant foyers, superior bedding and elegant bathrooms, all with elegant furnishings.
  5. Cosmetic products such as shower cap, nail file and cotton swabs and vanity mirror are available in 4 and 5 star hotels, but personal care products are also provided to customers in 5 star hotels.
  6. Doorman and valet parking services offered in a 5-star hotel, not a 4-star hotel.
  7. Ironing and shoe shine services offered in 5 star hotel, not 4 star hotel.
  8. Customers of a 5-star hotel are provided with a safe or locker in the room, which is not available in 4-star hotels.

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