Feel The Difference!

Difference is the quality that allows something to be distinguished from something else . The term, which comes from the Latin differentia , can be used to name the variety of things of the same species .

For example: “The main difference between the two models is that the first car consumes more fuel” , “Beyond the price, it is very difficult to find differences between these two phones, which proves their lack of authenticity” , “There is no difference between going to do the shopping now or after lunch” .

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How do you spot the differences?

People with different characteristics
The differences between people can be enriching.

Difference, therefore, is the opposite of equality or resemblance . The greater the number of characteristics or qualities that are not shared, the greater the difference. In other words: two very similar things or people have few differences.

The differences can be noticed through the senses (objects that are different from sight, touch, etc.) or be noticed for symbolic reasons (two twins can be very different if one shows a calm character and the other is restless).

In another sense, the difference is known as the dissent, opposition or controversy between two or more people : “The coach has submitted his indeclinable resignation due to differences with the team captain” , “The issue caused a great difference between the directors of the company ” , “We get along very well as a couple and we don’t have too many differences” .

The richness of diversity

Differences in character or tastes do not necessarily have a negative impact on an interpersonal relationship . It is impossible to anticipate the result of the approach of two strangers, since there are those who seek to feel complemented by the characteristics of the other, as well as those who do not want to deal with the harshness that sometimes occurs between two opposite personalities.

On a cultural level , differences can bring us a lot of wealth. Starting from the most obvious aspects, such as physical features and language, there is a great variety of people in the world and each individual creates a reality in which they feel comfortable, which represents what is normal for them. However, when entering the limits of a foreign reality, he has the possibility of contrasting his beliefs and customs with others, potentially opposite, and of reinforcing his own or adopting new ones.

Despite society’s efforts to create groups of people unable to decide for themselves, each and every one of us has a unique combination of traits, both physical and mental . Every time an individual relies on his differences to enhance his talent , a genius is born, someone who transcends and who, no matter how many try to imitate him, is never lost in the crowd.

The expression “make a difference”

The expression “make a difference” refers to striving to show a particular trait when making an action or creation public. This usually applies in the business field, especially when it comes to products or services that find a lot of competition in the market. In such cases, the success of each revolves around those characteristics that make them unique , those aspects that differentiate them from others.

Unfortunately, it is also possible to use this expression to talk about good deeds , of the acts of absolute dedication that certain people carry out when they help the victims of a natural catastrophe, or of a war, or when they rescue animals from the clutches of others. human beings and give them the life they deserve. We have done and continue to do so much harm to our fellow human beings that having compassion for others has become a rare phenomenon, capable of making a difference .

The concept in mathematics

For mathematics , the difference is the result of subtraction or subtraction (one of the basic operations of arithmetic).

Subtraction consists of removing a certain amount (the subtrahend) from a number (the minuend). The resulting amount is the difference.